Tournament directors

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Edwin Schipper, Netherlands
Mikan van Zanten, Netherlands
Pascal Matla, Netherlands
Arne Schmitz Germany
Falk Süchting Germany
Tjark Suchting, Germany
Peter de Jong, Netherlands
Mike Jeffries USA
Finn Krister, Germany
Jytte Tove, Germany
Johnny O'Keeney Ireland
Mike Mesecke Germany
Damian Hernandez Mexico
John Frederick USA
Eoin Tynan Ireland

Schedules, tournament rules and information

  • You can also open the tournament software in a browser on your Phone :
  • Some matches starts on Friday night to make a Consolation schedule possible.
  • Open & doubles matches 2 games to 15 and tiebreaker until 11.
  • Consolation 1 game to 21
  • We have one court and can’t handle any delays, so be there 30 minutes before your match starts.
  • Loser referees next match
  • Double matches in schedule are just in to make the time schedule. Double teams will be determined on Saturday morning.

 App for referee

We will try to use an app to keep score and feed the live score to the live Facebook stream, click to see demo.