Dutch Open 2022


Part of the European Racquetball Tour


Join us Friday Sep 9th through Sunday Sep 11th 2022 for what may be the LAST Dutch Open ever at this court! Westvliet Family Sports & Healthclub is being sold to a new owner, who has indicated wanting to redesignate our court for other purposes after this tournament. We are investigating alternatives but have not yet succeeded in securing an alternative for future events.

For now, we want to go out with a bang from this court, and are counting on your support by attending this ULTIMATE (Westvliet) tournament and celebrating – and commemorating – 44 years of Racquetball in the Netherlands including on this court.


We will only have space for 16 entries in the Open Singles and Doubles categories. Please sign up soonest on www.racquetball.eu/ultimate-dutch-open/. If you are not playing in this tournament, please also join us in Den Haag to share memories, watch some great games, and partake of good food and drink.

The entry fee is EUR 25.


Looking forward to seeing you all Sep 9th through 11th in Den Haag!

On behalf of the Netherlands Racquetball Association –

Tournament Directors Mikan van Zanten & Peter de Jong

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